How Do You Drain a Clothes Washer?

How Do You Drain a Clothes Washer?

Draining a washer requires a manual approach by using a bucket or drain hose. The source of the standing water in a washer could be traced to a clogged pump, which requires going in and fishing out the blockage. You need a bucket, sponges and a screwdriver.

  1. Remove the water

    Bail out the water or use the drain hose. Bailing water involves scooping the water out with a bucket, much as you would bail out a boat filled with water. Another option is to use gravity to your advantage by placing the drain hose in a bucket or near the drain. Clamp the hose to prevent excess water from coming out.

  2. Remove the panel

    Unplug the washer and prop it up on a stable object, such as a paint can. Take out the screws that secure the front panel. Pull the panel starting at the bottom, and remove the entire piece.

  3. Pull the clog

    Once the panel is lifted, look for the pump. It is usually a transparent component, and the clog may be visible within. If you do not see the clog, it could be sequestered in the outlet where the hose meets the tub's bottom. Remove the hose by loosening the clamp. Fish out the blockage with needle-nose pliers. Ensure that you have a bucket and sponge nearby, since extra water runs out. If there is no blockage in the drain or pump, you may need to replace the pump.