What Are Some Drain Cleaning Options?


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Drain cleaning options include using a plunger, an over-the-counter liquid drain cleaner and snaking. Other options include sewer camera inspections, drain lining and high-velocity water jetting, which has long-term benefits. The jetting system pumps water at a high speed to clear drain lines of roots, trash and grease buildup.

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Sewer professionals use special cables to clear drain lines by snaking. Sewer camera inspections identify and clear persistent drain clogging problems without digging through the drain or sewer line.

Drain lining, also called epoxy sewer lining, also uses a sewer camera. Once the line is clear, the sewer professional creates an inflatable felt and epoxy lining in the drain line, making a pipe inside of the pipe. After the epoxy cures, the professional removes the lining so the homeowner can resume using the drain line.

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