How Do You Download a Samsonite Lock Manual?

How Do You Download a Samsonite Lock Manual?

Samsonite lock manuals are not available for download. However, the Samsonite website offers a detailed Frequently Asked Questions page that includes the majority of the information found in a lock manual including operation instructions, warranty information, troubleshooting and replacement parts. Visit for all necessary Samsonite lock information.

Set a Samsonite lock's code by first choosing a three-digit code that is easy to recall. Birthdays, address numbers, random numbers and pin codes are all acceptable choices. Next, find the lever or button next to the number dials.

If the lock has a button, push it in towards the dial and hold it down while rotating the dial to the desired numbers. If the lock has a lever, push the level to the right and up to put it in its lowered position. Then, rotate the dials to the desired numbers and replace the level in its starting position.

Order replacement Samsonite lock parts from authorized Samsonite dealers such as the Samsonite website. Be sure to include the product number in the order information.

Contact a Samsonite customer service representative to replace lost lock keys, or to remedy forgotten lock combinations. Always take note of the lock cylinder number before contacting Samsonite.