How do you download a LuxPro PSP511 thermostat user manual?


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LuxPro provides user manuals and troubleshooting guides for its products on its website, LuxProProducts.com. A full product line catalog and a list of places to buy LuxPro products is also available on the website.

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To download a LuxPro PSP511 thermostat instructions guide, click Support on the main navigation bar of the LuxPro Products website home page and select LuxPro Thermostat Instruction Guides. Scroll down the page to the table titled Downloadable Thermostat Technical Information and search for LuxPro PSP511 under the Programmable Thermostats group. Alternatively, use the browsers find option by selecting Find on the browsers main menu and typing LuxPro PSP511 on the textbox that appears. Click on the download link for the instructions guide that corresponds to LuxPro PSP511, making sure to select the preferred language from the options available. Depending your browser settings, the instructions guide is either displayed on the screen or downloaded onto your computers hard disk drive.

To access thermostat troubleshooting guides, click on LuxPro Thermostat Troubleshooting Guides under the Support page of the website. Scroll down the list for the preferred thermostat model and select either the temperature regulation, wiring or display troubleshooting guide that corresponds to it. A full LuxPro product line catalog is accessed by clicking Products on the main navigation bar of the website and clicking the Download the LuxPro Full Line Product Catalog link.

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