What Does a Downdraft Range Do?


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A downdraft range provides ventilation for kitchen stoves and cooktops that draw smoke, steam and cooking fumes downward. This type of range and the downdraft ventilation feature provide an innovative substitute for conventional range hoods that pull steam, cooking fumes and smoke upward.

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A downdraft range is available in different versions that include active downdraft exhaust systems and central downdraft exhaust systems. Downdraft ranges use a powerful exhaust fan to pull smoke, steam and grease through the fan and into the stove assembly. Unlike a traditional hood that pulls smoke and grease from above, the downdraft range pulls the pollutants downward and circulates the air after removing any moisture or odors.

This range incorporates useful safety functionality that removes dangerous fumes and smoke that can lead to health complications. A downdraft range also prevents particles from building up on cabinets, ledges and curtains. For kitchens that lack a traditional range hood, ventilating smoke with a downdraft range is a suitable alternative.

In addition to the ventilation feature, a downdraft range has a modern and sleek look. This type of range is commonly placed in updated kitchens. The sleek and compact design provides additional room for cabinets in place of a traditional range hood.

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