How Are Downdraft Electric Ranges Cleaned?


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The ventilation grates on most downdraft ranges are removable for cleaning in a sink. Most have squeeze tabs or another release mechanism the user must activate to remove the grate and filter. The owner can clean both parts with a warm, soapy rag or immerse the grate in the sink.

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Before replacing the grill or filter, the user should take time to dry each part with a towel. He should clean the exterior surface of the range using a nonabrasive cleaner. Using a microfiber cloth and pressing firmly helps to prevent any streaks, especially when cleaning stainless steel. For porcelain ranges, the owner should wash the surfaces using warm water and mild dishwashing liquid. When there are spills on porcelain, the owner should wipe them away immediately.

The cooking grates are removable, and the owner should clean them by soaking them in a sink of hot, soapy water. Baked on spills sometimes require scrubbing for complete removal. Before reinstalling the grates, the user should rinse them in hot water and allow them to air dry.

Downdraft ranges have a fan under the burners, or at the back of the stove, to draw away smoke, moisture and cooking odors. These fans eliminate the need for an overhead range hood. The actual cleaning procedure varies by make and model of the unit.

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