How Does a Downdraft Cook Top Work?

How Does a Downdraft Cook Top Work?

A downdraft cooktop works when a fan in the stove vents smoke instead of a fan in the hood, which is the traditional method. Although this method can be problematic if you have a gas burner, as it can extinguish the flame when the burners are set low, it is a great choice if you have electric burners.

  1. Raise the vent

    Before you cook, raise the vent by pushing the button. This button lifts the fan from the back of the stove nearly 10 inches. Another version of the downdraft cooktop has a fan that is located down the center of the cooktop and does not rise when activated.

  2. Turn on the fan

    Once the vent lifts to its full height, it automatically switches to the on position and starts venting the smoke. The cooktop with the fan down the center of the burners has a switch that you turn on when you wish to vent the smoke.

  3. Allow the cooktop to vent smoke, gas and grease

    Once the vent is activated in both version of the apparatus, the heat rises and the smoke and grease get pulled down in a circulatory pattern. The pollutants are sucked down the ducting and out of the house.