How Do You Take Down Wallpaper?

Take down wallpaper by scoring the wallpaper, then soaking it with a solution of water and liquid fabric softener. After the solution sits, gently remove the wallpaper with a plastic scraper.

  1. Prepare the room

    Prepare the room for scraping wallpaper by covering the floor with drop cloths. This prevent a removal solution and wallpaper adhesive from damaging the floor.

  2. Score the wallpaper

    Use a wallpaper scorer, available at hardware stores, to make many tiny holes in the wallpaper. The removal solution penetrates the wallpaper adhesive through these holes.

  3. Soak the wallpaper

    Generously spray the scored area with a solution of equal parts water and liquid fabric softener. Work in small areas so that the solution does not have time to dry before that section of wallpaper is removed. Allow the solution to sit about 15 minutes before pulling back wallpaper.

  4. Scrape off of the wallpaper

    Starting at a seam, use a plastic scraper to remove wallpaper and to gently scrape any remaining adhesive or paper fragments still stuck to the wall. For stubborn fragments, spray again with the removal solution, let it soak and scrape again.

  5. Clean the wall

    Once the wallpaper is removed, clean the wall with hot, soapy water to make sure all traces of wallpaper adhesive are removed. Wipe the wall down with clean, hot water to remove any soap residue.