How Does a Double-Walled Oven Work?


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A double walled oven comprises of two individually separate cooking compartments. It allows one to cook two different meals at two entirely different temperature settings.

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Having two spaces to cook, enables one to prepare multiple dishes at one time, saving time. In addition, it has a feature to use the oven in warming mode, which avoids the inconvenience of reheating the food before laying it on the table. It provides multiple cooking modes. Users can roast, steam and bake food in different compartments. One can cook a main course meal and a dessert simultaneously without allowing the aroma of one dish to get into the other.

The other features include the automatic turn-off function, one touch controls, heat distribution sensors and LED displays. The detachable doors and the porcelain-coated shelves allow easy washing and cleaning. Being installed at an elevated level makes it convenient for the addition and removal of trays. Double-walled ovens are either made up of two full-sized ovens, one full-sized oven topped with a microwave, or one full-sized oven and a smaller oven.

Consider the factors of space and price when deciding to pick an oven. The double-walled oven design adds modernity to the kitchen. It is a must have for all cooking and baking lovers, as well as for those who want to spend quality time with family in addition to doing the daily cooking chores.

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