Do Dorm Refrigerators Come With Freezer Compartments?


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Some dorm refrigerators have a small freezer compartment within the refrigerator box, while others only have refrigerator space. The size of the dorm refrigerator is often a factor in whether or not it has a freezer compartment.

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Dorm refrigerators start at around 1.7 cubic feet. These smallest models typically have no freezer space or only have a small corner freezer section just large enough for a small ice cube tray. Larger models measure in at 3.2 to 4.6 cubic feet. These dorm refrigerators may have a slightly larger freezer compartment, but they won't hold much and may not cool as well as a normal freezer. A few mini refrigerators come with separate freezer compartments with their own doors like a full-size refrigerator.

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