What Is Dolomite Lime Used For?


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Dolomite lime is commonly used as a soil additive to adjust pH levels, provide nutrients and prevent plant diseases. Dolomite lime is an alkaline formed by pulverizing limestone and is rich in magnesium and calcium. The tomato is an example of a type of plant that benefits from dolomite lime.

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Tomato plants tend to draw more nutrients from the soil and produce better fruit at the pH level produced by adding dolomite lime to the soil. Dolomite lime also provides tomato plants with an abundant supply of magnesium that is necessary for the healthy development of fruit.

Some acidic soils, such as clay and silts, tend to lack organic matter and drain quickly, which leads them to compact tightly and deprive developing roots of oxygen. Adding dolomite lime to this type of soil can help retain some of the moisture and oxygen and prevent damage to the young roots.

Dolomite lime also helps prevents a type of disease known as blossom-end rot. This disease tends to develop in soils that are lacking calcium. Because dolomite lime is rich in calcium, it helps prevent plants from developing this disease.

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