What Are Some Facts About Dogwood Trees?


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Dogwoods are deciduous trees native to the eastern United States that flower abundantly in the spring, and typically range from 20 to 30 feet tall, though they can sometimes reach upwards of 40 feet in height. Some varieties, such as the Redcloud dogwood, have red or pink bracts that taper to white in the center. The bracts have four petals, and each petal features a notched tip.

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While the white, pink or red bracts are often considered the flower, the dogwood tree's true bloom is found in the center of the bracts. The dogwood's bright green, oval leaves range from 2 to 6 inches long. In winter, the tree features flattened flower buds on the tips of its branches.

The tree's leaves turn red or orange in the autumn and fall off the tree in the winter. The tree's bright red seeds grow in clusters along the branches in autumn. While the dogwood tree thrives in partial shade, flowers may not appear if the tree receives inadequate amounts of sunlight.

Dogwood trees feature upward-growing, multi-layered branches and a wide, flat canopy that is the same width as the tree is tall. Larger trees often feature drooping branches that are pruned as needed. The tree can have one or multiple trunks.

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