How Do I Dog-Proof a Fence?


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To prevent dogs from jumping over fences, Whole Dog Journal recommends installing or extending the height of the fence to at least 6 feet. Planting bushes in front of the fence will make it harder for dogs to jump or climb over the fence. For determined climbers, building an inward-sloping "roof" around the top of the fence can be effective. Burying chicken wire around the base can deter diggers.

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An alternative to building a "roof" to deter climbers is a device called a "coyote roll": pieces of smooth pipe hung on a wire across the top of the fence that will roll under the dog's feet. Whole Dog Journal says these can easily be made with plumbing pipe. Determined diggers may need to have concrete blocks placed or poured along the base of the fence. Also, be careful with the placement of wood piles, sheds and other objects that dogs might use as an assist over the fence.

Whole Dog Journal advises that the best way to keep a dog in is to reduce its desire to leave. Dogs attempt to escape because they are bored and lonely. Dogs that get sufficient amounts of physical and mental exercise and aren't left outside alone for hours are less likely to try to escape.

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