Why Doesn't My Pink Dogwood Bloom?


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Dogwood trees are very temperamental and do not bloom if growing conditions are not ideal. Fertilizers, mulching, drainage, sunlight, location and damage to the tree are other factors that have an impact on whether or not a Dogwood tree blooms.

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It takes years for dogwood trees to mature enough to begin producing flowers. If no flower appear on the tree after the third or fourth years, environmental problems affecting the tree are usually to blame. Dogwood trees prefer only partial sunlight. Surrounding trees provide the shade and protection they need. Dogwood trees thrive best with proper drain conditions for the soil surrounding them. Lack of sunlight and improper draining of water will affect the flowering of the Dogwood tree.

Fertilizers applied to the soil also affect the flowers on the tree. Many fertilizers encourage the growth of the leaves of the tree at the expense of the flowers the tree produces. Leave the area surrounding the Dogwood tree unfertilized to ensure this is not the cause of the problem. Pruning dead wood and trunk spots from the tree during the fall season encourages flowering. These along with cracks and scars make it difficult for the tree to get enough nutrients to produce flowers.

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