Are There Any DIY Tips for Repairing the Ice Maker on a Bosch Refrigerator?


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To repair a Bosch refrigerator ice maker, one can correct the freezer temperature setting and the water pressure from the home water supply. For proper functioning, the freezer temperature must be below 10 degrees Fahrenheit, and the water pressure must be over 20 pounds per square inch.

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Frequently, ice makers stop working because the ice maker power switch is accidentally turned off. If the switch is in the on position but the ice maker still doesn't work, the electrical continuity is established using an ohm meter. No continuity indicates the switch needs to be replaced. Likewise, if the freezer door switch is not registering that the freezer door is closed, the ice machine does not function.

If an ohm meter indicates a lack of continuity, the switch needs to be replaced. An ohm reading may help troubleshoot a faulty water inlet valve, but as the switch is both electrical and mechanical, the valve can have electrical continuity but still not allow water to enter the ice maker.

Most ice makers are equipped with an ice level control board that checks the level of ice using an infrared beam. When this device malfunctions, the ice maker cannot register the level of ice and stops producing. Finally, an ice maker can malfunction when the water filter is blocked by debris, and this malfunction can be repaired by replacing the filter.

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