What Are Some DIY Tips for Refinishing Hardwood Floors?


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Tips for refinishing hardwood floors include using a liquid re-finisher instead of a sander. Sanders should only be used if the floor is too damaged to be refinished any other way.

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What Are Some DIY Tips for Refinishing Hardwood Floors?
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The re-finisher should contain solvents that completely remove the dark, old finish from the hardwood floor. Before stripping away the old finish, make sure the room is ventilated well. Wear gloves so the solution doesn't come in contact with the skin. Put a little of the refinishing solution on the corner of the floor, and rub with a coarse synthetic pad. This reveals how much scrubbing is required on the entire floor. Work in small sections at a time, as the re-finisher dries quickly. Fix any floor damage before staining the wood. A wood filler, when applied with a screwdriver tip or putty knife, can fix holes in the floor. Apply the filler to the wood damage only, so the filler doesn't affect the finish color on the rest of the floor. Let the filler dry completely before staining the wood. A sanding block and medium-grit sandpaper are necessary tools to smooth the repairs made by the wood filler. Vacuum the floor at least twice after sanding so no grit is left on the hardwood during the finishing process.

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