What Are Some DIY Tips for Refinishing a Basement?


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DIY tips for refinishing a basement include researching permit requirements, insulating pipes, using recessed lighting and avoiding standard drywall. Local municipalities require permits for certain types of renovations, so homeowners should find out if their plans fit this category. For instance, some cities require plumbing or electrical work inspections.

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As part of a basement refinishing project, homeowners sometimes box in pipes. Hot water pipes need foam insulation sleeves to prevent heat loss, while the sleeves stop potentially harmful condensation from forming on cold water pipes.

Recessed lighting does not take up overhead space in basements that have low ceilings, making it a popular basement upgrade. These lights install easily into dropped ceilings, which are useful for basements. Since basements are often damp, mold sometimes forms on standard drywall. High-performance or mold-resistant panels help prevent this growth.

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