Which DIY Termite Extermination Methods Work?


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DIY termite extermination methods such as baits can sometimes work well to get rid of infestations. Liquid pesticides are also available; however, baits tend to be more effective and are safer to use.

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Although professional exterminators have the skills and tools to effectively eliminate termite infestations, their services can be very expensive and therefore may be out of reach for some homeowners. DIY extermination methods can sometimes get rid of the problem. There are two kinds of DIY termite extermination methods available: baits and liquid pesticides.

Baits are the better of the two options. They involve setting a poisoned bait in the termite mud tunnels. The termites are attracted to the bait and bring it back to the colony, which distributes the poison throughout the colony. Baits containing insect growth regulators tend to be the most effective as they keep young termites from growing; however, these products are usually limited to extermination professionals.

Liquid pesticides involve creating a barrier around the home. Homeowners must dig a trench around the home and add pesticides to holes in the trenches. Although homeowners can find DIY liquid termite pesticides, this method is best left to professionals. Home liquid pesticide kits are often ineffective, as specialty equipment is required to get the pesticides deeper into the ground. It also takes a lot of skill to distribute the pesticides properly.

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