What Are Some DIY Furniture Ideas?


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Some DIY furniture ideas include making a rolling crate table and a tire ottoman covered in rope. For the rolling crate table, take a large, sturdy, rectangular- or square-shaped wood crate and attach caster wheels to each corner of the hollow side of the crate. Flip the crate over so that the flat bottom acts as the top. Paint the crate to taste and coat it with a sealer once the paint is dry.

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For the rolling crate table, if the crate does not provide a high enough surface, stack a second crate on top of the first crate and secure it with wood glue. Make sure to glue the crates so that they both have their wood-covered bottoms facing upwards.

For the tire ottoman covered in rope, take a clean tire, used or new, and cut two circles out of MDF that cover the entire circumference of each side of the tire. Drill three evenly spaced holes through each MDF-covered side, drilling through the MDF and into the tire. Use appropriately sized screws to secure the MDF circles to the tire. Using a hot glue gun, secure one end of natural sisal twisted cord to the center of one of the secured MDF circles. Continue to glue the cord to the MDF circle, wrapping it around the centre point in a circular motion, until the entire MDF circle is covered.

After covering the MDF circle, continue wrapping the cord around the edges of the tire. Once the cord reaches the edge of the bottom MDF circle, cut the cord and secure the end. Brush a sealer onto the rope, covering the entire rope-covered part of the tire ottoman. Let each layer of sealer dry completely before adding another one.

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