What Are Some DIY Desk Plans?

What Are Some DIY Desk Plans?

Some DIY desk plans include desk table combos, suspended or legless desks and double-sided desks. These are the basis for further innovation with adaptations like a split double desk or wall-mounted desks.

Desk table combos involve plans that use storage cabinets as the base for the desk. One can have two shelves being the legs and a platform to complete the desk, or use the cabinet as a leg and mount the platform on the wall. Another adaptation would be the use of stools as legs with the platform completing the desk.

Suspended desk plans include chain restraints, wall mounts or even rails holding a platform in place without the need for legs. It requires sound engineering skills and care while in use, as it may not be as stable or sturdy as leg-supported desks. Pallets and doors can be used, with the extra compartments used for storage and the doors creating a variety of uses for the desk.

Double-sided desks involve the use of one desk to serve double accommodation. One adaptation is incorporating a shelf in the middle as a partition and also for support. The other adaptation would be splitting the desk and mounting either half on opposite sides of the wall or room.

Variations of the plans above are possible with a creative spirit and necessity too. For example, a platform of wood can be supported by a network of sewer pipes for artists or engineers requiring plenty of space.