What Are Some DIY Bathroom Ideas?

diy-bathroom-ideas Credit: David Papazian/Photographer's Choice RF/Getty Images

Installing new cabinets and upgrading the tile flooring are DIY bathroom projects to consider. Updating sconce light fixtures is another idea. Changing the floor, creating more storage space, and adopting a new color scheme are all bathroom upgrades that homeowners can do by themselves at home.

Changing the color scheme of a bathroom is a simple DIY idea. Neutral colors such as beige, white, black and brown create a clean, open space, especially when combined with nickel bathroom fixtures. Accent pieces, such as flower arrangements or a red vanity chair, make positive additions to contemporary bathrooms.

Renovating the flooring is another DIY option. Bathroom tiles are an inexpensive option, and other choices include stone, vinyl and concrete. Wood flooring requires maintenance and the application of water-resistant stain.

Creating the opportunity for natural light adds space and vibrancy to bathrooms. Overhead lighting is inexpensive, resistant to water damage and there are many styles to choose from.

Creating more storage space in a bathroom is another DIY undertaking that can be accomplished by adding a bathroom vanity. Old desks can be used to turn wall-mounted sinks into desk vanities, and window box towel holders create more space where necessary. Additional space can be created for storing linens, beauty items and cleaning products, making the DIY project practical as well as attractive.