What Are Some DIY Basement Remodeling Ideas?


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Do-it-yourself basement remodeling ideas include eliminating moisture problems, installing a downstairs bathroom and compensating for the lack of natural lighting. Before beginning any project, the homeowner must check with the local building authorities to ensure the project meets code requirements.

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What Are Some DIY Basement Remodeling Ideas?
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Because basements are below grade, moisture is often a problem. While waterproofing can help, installing a sump pump that eliminates any moisture that collects in the area is essential to protect your investment. A moisture alarm sends an alert if there is a problem the pump is not correcting. Several companies also offer basement wall systems made of waterproof materials that flooding in the basement cannot ruin.

Installing a downstairs bathroom is a great way to increase the functionality of the basement; however, the below-grade level does not allow drains to flow without assistance. Adding a macerating bathroom pump that turns on automatically to remove grey water and toilet waste is the least expensive way to handle this project. The pump installs in a tank behind the toilet or behind a wall.

Basement windows are often small and do not allow enough natural lighting. If the basement has a suspended ceiling, adding fluorescent lighting is an easy remodeling project. Perimeter lighting that illuminates the walls helps to simulate natural lighting and is a good way to make the area feel larger.

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