How Do You Find the Distribution Box of a Septic Tank?


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The distribution box of a septic tank is a concrete or plastic box that has a lot of openings with septic pipes coming out of it. It can usually be found underground.

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Distribution boxes that do not work properly can easily cause drain field failures. Each distribution box must have an even distribution of wastewater to work properly.

  1. Dig near the septic tank and identify the box
  2. The distribution box is located very close to the septic tank. It is either a plastic or concrete box with several pipes coming out of it.

  3. Repair or replace the box as necessary
  4. If the distribution box is bad, it can be repaired or replaced as needed.

    A distribution box works by using gravity. It is typically placed in a downhill location that allows water to flow into it from the tank and out of it to the drain. Since they are buried underground, most distribution boxes are made of concrete.

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