What Is Distinct About the Maytag Bravos 300 Series?

The most unique feature about the Maytag Bravo series washing machine is the PowerSpray technology that sprays water and detergent directly onto clothes before the standard washing cycle begins. The Bravo series also comes with a Direct Drive motor and wash impeller instead of a standard washing machine agitator.

The impeller is a rotating plate with fins that is located on the bottom of the washing apartment. The plate rotates to gently circulate clothes during the washing cycle, and it's also far more compact than the standard agitator, which increases the capacity of the washing basket to 4.8 cubic feet.

The Bravo series also comes equipped with a recirculation system that draws water from the bottom of the washing drum to the top, which redistributes detergent evenly during the washing cycle. The Bravo series washing machine models also come with specialized drying features such as the GentleBreeze drying system and IntelliDry Sensor. The GentleBreeze drying system circulates the air within the washing drum counter clockwise, while the drum itself spins clockwise to completely dry clothes.

The IntelliDry sensor is specially designed to monitor how quickly loads are drying during the drying cycle to prevent clothes from shrinking. The series also features the highest Energy Star level of efficiency and uses 74 percent less water and 82 percent less energy.