How Do You Dissolve Super Glue?

Dissolve Super Glue with acetone, a simple household solvent found in most nail polish removers. Place a cotton swab into the nail polish remover, and apply it to the affected surface to soften the Super Glue. Gently pull the two surfaces apart, applying more acetone in the process.

When Super Glue is stuck to skin, try removing it with warm soapy water first. Allow the skin to soak in the warm water, and roll the glue from the surface slowly, pulling gently to release the bond.

Read the label of your nail polish remover to determine if it contains acetone. If acetone is not listed, it is unlikely to have any effect on the Super Glue. Acetone is also commonly used as a paint thinner and brush cleaner and can be found wherever painting supplies are sold.

Use caution when working with acetone. It is highly flammable and causes a burning sensation to any open cuts or wounds. Straight acetone also discolors a number of fabrics and can damage the finish on countertops or wood veneer. When trying to remove Super Glue from these surfaces, combine force and friction from a scraper or knife blade to scrape the glue away as it softens.