How Do You Dispose of Used Oil Containers?


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If your community has a recycling center, then it likely offers oil container disposal services. Auto parts stores such as Advance Auto Parts and O'Reilly's offer oil and oil container disposal services at no charge. Local gas stations sometimes offer free disposal as well.

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Used oil container disposal service availability can be verified by calling your local landfill or waste disposal facility. Individual states have established their own oil waste disposal programs to control the dumping of oil into water systems. In most areas, residents take used oil containers to the nearest trash collection facility and simply place them in the designated area for recycling.

It is important to never mix oil with any other substance before taking it to the recycle facility or auto parts store. If there is still oil in a container, it is poured into a designated container and then placed in a separate container for disposal or recycling. If you have a large amount of oil or multiple containers that oil has been in, call ahead so the recycle facility is ready for you. If there is not much oil in a small container, wash it with dish soap and place it with regular recyclables.

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