How Do You Dispose of Used Household Furniture?

How Do You Dispose of Used Household Furniture?

To dispose off used household furniture, sell, freecycle, exchange or donate the used items. Also, consider selling the furniture for scrap or contact a removal service to haul it away. If possible, reuse the furniture by reworking it to meet your new requirements or needs.

To sell the used household furniture, organize a garage or yard sale. Price the furniture appropriately depending on its condition, and have a professional clean it to make a quick sale. Use websites such as Craigslist to advertise the sale online. If selling only one or two furniture pieces, consider placing the furniture in a sale organized by a local school, church or community center. If the furniture is made of metal or plastic, sell it for scrap.

To freecycle the furniture, give it away to someone in need, such as a college student. Alternatively, place it at the curb or the end of your street, and let anyone who needs the item pick it up for free.

Also, check if the furniture retailer is ready to take the old furniture piece in exchange for buying a new one. If donating the item, ensure that the piece is in good condition. Have the receiver pick the item up from your house, and ask for the tax receipt.

Finally, consider if you can paint upholster or restain the furniture to make it look new or if you can convert it into another piece to use for another purpose in another part of the home.