How Do You Dispose of Paint Properly?

How Do You Dispose of Paint Properly?

There are three primary methods for the proper disposal of paint, which are giving unused paint away, disposing of it with curbside trash, or having experts at handling used paint get rid of it for you. The choice between DIY disposal or calling in an expert often depends on local laws and ordinances.

  1. Check the law

    Check the local disposal laws to determine if dried paint can be disposed of with the normal trash removal service. This can be done by contacting your local city hall or county services department.

  2. Recycle usable paint

    If the paint is still viable, give it to someone else to use. Oftentimes, green building companies accept usable paint. You can also list the paint on recycling websites for those who may need the particular paint color.

  3. Dispose of the paint curbside

    Dry out the paint by opening the can and leaving it exposed to the sun. Filling a can with kitty litter can also aid in drying out amounts too great for the sun to dry completely. Once dried, if legal, you can cap the can again and dispose of it with the regular household trash.

  4. Call disposal experts

    Call a company that handles paint disposal to remove the paint if your community forbids removal through trash pickup.