How Do You Dispose of Mineral Spirits?

Mineral spirits such as turpentine and paint thinner can be hazardous to the environment if poured down the drain; other methods of disposal are much safer. If you have leftover materials that you cannot give away or reuse, many communities offer services to dispose of hazardous waste.

  1. Research your local hazardous waste resources

    Resources include your local trash company, or Check your local sites to see which materials they accept.

  2. Transport waste to a hazardous waste center or donation site

    Follow instructions on depositing waste at the selected site or donation location. Some Goodwill or Habitat for Humanity locations accept used materials for re-use in construction efforts.

  3. Safely dispose of empty containers

    If you have empty containers lying around, be aware that these should also be carefully disposed of. Allow empty containers to sit with the lids off to let any residue dry, then recycle as you would any plastic or metal container.