How Do You Dispose of a Mattress With Bed Bugs?

To dispose of a mattress with bed bugs, wrap the mattress in plastic, mark it as infested and take it directly to a waste disposal facility or arrange for a pick-up. Slash the mattress fabric to make it unusable for future re-use.

Disposing of bed bug-infested mattresses is not always the best way to deal with an infestation, and it is discouraged by the National Pest Management Association, as it does not always control the infestation, can be an expensive way of dealing with affected items and can spread the infestation to other areas, notes If possible, add encasements to mattresses and box springs to help manage bed bug infestations. However, if disposal is necessary, follow the steps below.

  1. Slash the mattress
  2. Slash the fabric on the mattress to prevent re-use.

  3. Remove visible bed bugs
  4. Vacuum up any visible bed bugs.

  5. Co-ordinate the disposal with local authorities
  6. Contact the local waste removal authorities to ask if pick-up of contaminated furniture is possible in that location. If so, arrange for a pick-up.

  7. Seal the mattress
  8. Seal the mattress in plastic to prevent bed-bugs from escaping.

  9. Mark the mattress
  10. Clearly label the mattress to let others know that it is infested with bed bugs.

  11. Dispose of the mattress
  12. Leave the prepared mattress for garbage pick-up or take it directly to a waste disposal facility if pick-up is not possible.