How Do You Dispose of Junk for Free?

How Do You Dispose of Junk for Free?

Some ways to dispose of junk include giving it away and breaking up items into smaller pieces, according to Repurposing items can also clear out junk items for free.

Some people have uses for old junk. Building materials, home decor items and other clutter are often reusable. To get rid of these items, simply place them on the curb with a "free" sign, ask friends and family if they need any of the items or list them on online classifieds in the free section.

Some companies and recycling centers may even offer rebates for old items such as appliances, water heaters and air conditioning units. The Energy Star federal program pairs with partners to provide rebates and special offers to people who dispose of items safely.

Breaking up items into smaller pieces can make them easier to dispose of. Feed old wood through a wood chipper and use the chips as free homemade mulch. Take apart items such as old box springs and other items containing metal, and sell the metal to a scrap collector.

Some junk can have other uses in the home. For example, old socks make good materials for craft projects or cleaning rags. Old cement from broken driveways can make attractive paths and walls. Small toys work well in school projects, according to