How Do You Dispose of Dehumidifier Parts?


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To dispose of an old dehumidifier or its parts, contact the local public works department for instructions. Different municipalities have different policies regarding disposing of items that contain hydrochlorofluorocarbons.

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Dehumidifiers, like many air conditioners, use refrigerants containing hydrochlorofluorocarbons. These may cause damage to the ozone layer when disposed of improperly and released into the atmosphere. They are greenhouse gasses that have an impact on climate change. Therefore, these types of refrigerants must be removed by a professional allowing safe disposal.

Depending on an individual town’s policies, those trying to get rid of dehumidifiers may need to make an appointment to have the item picked up, or they may need to take the item to a specified transfer station or dump site. Some utility companies offer bounty or rebate programs that pay customers to recycle their used appliances. Removal of hazardous materials is mandatory before recycling.

If the humidifier works, it may be a better choice to sell or donate it to someone else who can put it to use. Charitable organizations often accept appliance donations; so do many thrift stores. Giving or selling the humidifier to someone else who needs it can give it new life and keep its parts out of a landfill for a while longer.

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