How Do You Dispose of Construction Material?


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The most common way of disposing of construction materials is by hauling the unneeded materials into a landfill. Private recycling and trash disposal services companies can also haul and dispose of the materials for a fee. Charitable organizations, such as Habitat for Humanity, may also accept usable construction materials.

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To dispose of construction materials, check your state, city or municipality's legal requirements and disposal rate and fees. Some states do not accept specific materials, such as bricks, asphalt shingles, drywall, metal and plywood, and request for these to be diverted to recycling facilities. Local landfills may also require putting smaller and lighter construction materials into disposable containers or bags before delivering it to the site. The rates and fees depend on the weight of the construction materials.

Each city or municipality implements its own rules and regulations when disposing of construction materials. The government's garbage collection service usually only collects debris from minor home improvements. The City of Madison, for example, may take in drywall, insulation, lumber and plywood, but does not collect heavier construction materials, such as bricks and concrete blocks. The city may also set a weight, length and height limit for certain pieces and may not be able to take every material in a single collection day.

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