How Do You Dispose of Concrete Rubble?


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Methods of getting rid of concrete rubble include using it for other projects around the home, giving it away or paying a recycling company for its acceptance. If all else fails, call your garbage service to see if it accepts concrete waste.

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Repurpose concrete rubble in several ways at home. The smallest pieces can serve as gravel. Stack larger pieces to make retaining walls or borders for flowerbeds. Concrete rubble makes good fill material for large holes or leveling the yard. Once it is in place, cover with 6 or more inches of topsoil to support the lawn.

Large projects often produce more rubble than is possible to use at home. Advertise the material on free online classifieds as free. Other homeowners may use it for similar projects and be willing to haul it away, although they are generally unwilling to pay for it.

Landscaping plants and concrete producers often offer concrete recycling for a fee. While you must find a way to transport the material to the recycler, the cost of recycling is generally less than if you send it to your waste management company. Recyclers have crushers that break the rubble into smaller pieces for use in the construction of roadbeds or as gravel. However, they may not accept concrete painted with lead-based paint or concrete that contains reinforcement steel.

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