How Do You Display Decorative Plates?


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To display decorative plates, use plate racks, shelving, and open or glass encased cupboards. Using plate stands to display plates on a mantel is also an option, as well as hanging plates directly on the wall. They can also be used as backsplash accents behind a kitchen sink.

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To display decorative plates on a wall, first trace each plate to make a template in order to determine the desired design. Tape templates into place, and once the final design is set, place a nail through the top of each paper circle. Remove the paper templates, leaving the nail behind. Secure a hanger to the back of each plate using proper hardware and hot glue; paper clips are sufficient for small plates, and sawtooth hangers work well for larger plates. Allow the glue to dry, and hang each plate in its proper place.

As an alternative to fashioning hanging hardware, plate hangers like Flatirons Disc Adhesive Hangers are available in multiple sizes. The hangers glue to the back of each plate and boast a metal hook that extends from the top. They are invisible and cause much less damage to plates than commercial metal hangers or hanging hardware fashioned at home. They require waiting overnight to dry.

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