How Do You Disinfect a Washing Machine?


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To disinfect a washing machine, add 1 cup of regular bleach to the drum, then choose a cycle that uses hot water. Let the washing machine go through a full cycle, then open the door and let the interior dry out overnight.

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  1. Choose the settings on the washing machine

    Set the load setting to the highest level. Choose a cycle that uses hot water. If your washing machine has a separate water temperature setting, set it to the hottest level. Check that the cycle includes two rinse cycles.

  2. Add bleach

    Remove all items from the washing machine, ensuring that the drum is completely empty. Use a clean washcloth to remove any debris, such as lint, from the drum before starting the machine. When the drum is clean, add 1 cup of regular bleach to the drum or pour it into the bleach dispenser if your machine has one. Start the machine.

  3. Let the washing machine dry

    Open the door of the washing machine when the cycle is finished. Let the interior dry overnight by leaving the door slightly open. Check the machine for any chlorine odors. If you detect an odor, run the washing machine again using a hot water cycle.

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