Are the Dishwashers With Drawers Better Than Dishwashers Without Drawers?


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TheKitchn.com reports in 2015 that dishwashers with drawers are very quiet and may be more energy-efficient than dishwashers without drawers. Drawer-style dishwashers may be helpful to people with limited mobility, as the drawers do not require so much bending to load.

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TheKitchn.com also notes that dishwashers with double drawers have the additional appeal of being able to be run one drawer at a time. One drawer can be run with a half-load of dishes without having to run the other drawer, saving water and energy.

Disadvantages of drawer-style dishwashers included frequent breakdowns and difficulty fitting dishes into the drawers, according to reviews noted by TheKitchn.com. Some reviewers also complained about dishes not being cleaned properly without first being rinsed.

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