Why Does My Dishwasher Leak?


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Dishwasher leaks can be caused by detergent producing excessive quantities of suds, problems with the door seals, or the water inlet solenoid valve rotting. Problems with pump seals, blowers and other parts of the dishwasher can also cause leaks.

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Some dishwasher detergents create a lot of suds during the wash cycle. The suds then rise above the door level and overflow onto the floor as a drip. Change detergents or use less detergent in order to prevent dripping.

If the door seals are causing the leak, users should clean them thoroughly. It's important to dig out all the detergent buildup, food particles and soap scum. Users should pay more attention to the inside rim of the door and clean all around with a good cleaner or full-strength white vinegar to remove calcium deposits caused by hard water. A plastic spray arm that has cracked or a worn out sealing ring under the spray arm can also cause door leaks.

To check for problems with the water valve, users need to remove the kick plate and examine the valve. The valve might be rusted, show signs of rot or have a broken diaphragm. If the diaphragm is broken, water continues to fill the tub and the anti-flood float is not able to stop the water flow. The only solution is to close off the water supply and replace the valve. Pump seals wear out after years of rubbing against abrasive particles from seeds, nuts, sharp plastic and even rust from the dish racks. Pump seal leaks cause water to drip from the motor or pump housing. To fix the problem, the homeowner can replace either the pump or the entire unit consisting of pump and motor.

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