If the Dishwasher Will Not Fill, Is It the Water Inlet Valve?


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A water inlet valve may be the cause of a dishwasher that does not fill, but there are other reasons it may not fill, too. The water might be shut off, the float may be out of place, or the screen behind the water inlet valve may be clogged.

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The first thing that should be checked if the dishwasher does not fill is the water. If the water is on and running to the faucet, this is not the problem.

The next thing to check is the float, found inside of the dishwasher on the bottom. Usually, it is a dome or cylinder. As a person moves the float up and down, it should click. If it doesn't, the float should be disconnected from below, rinsed and replaced for water to flow into the dishwasher.

If the water inlet valve is the culprit, the valve needs to be disassembled. First, an individual should take the panel off at the bottom of the dishwasher to gain access to the valve. The valve should be removed from the screen, and the screen cleaned of any debris. One should then replace the valve and try again. If it does not fill, the dishwasher has a faulty part, such as the timer, selector switch or pressure switch, which needs professional attention.

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