What Are Some Disguised Safes for the Home?


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There are two main types of disguised safes: those that hide an otherwise normal safe from view and diversion safes that appear as something other than a safe. Hidden safes have a higher capacity and are usually more secure, while diversion safes allow hiding in plain view.

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What Are Some Disguised Safes for the Home?
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Popular types of hidden safes are wall and floor safes. Wall safes usually require professional installation, as they are recessed into the cavity behind a wall. Popular ways of hiding a wall safe are to place some large object, such as painting, tapestry or book shelf in front of it. Floor safes are also a common type of hidden safe. Like their name suggests, floor safes install directly into the floor of a building. Installing a new floor safe usually requires wooden floors. Floor safes in concrete or metal floors are installed at the same time as the floor itself. Floor safes are easy to hide, as carpets, rugs or large pieces of furniture render them inconspicuous.

Diversion safes are typically hollow replicas of everyday items. The hollow cavity inside a diversion safe allows the hiding of small objects such as money, documents and jewelry. Popular types of diversion safes include hollow books, hollow beverage cans or bottles and false wall outlets. Diversion safes are much cheaper and more convenient than hidden safes, but they are also less secure. Once someone realizes what a diversion safe really is, there is nothing to prevent their accessing its contents.

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