What Are Some Discontinued Dansk Dishes?


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Some discontinued Dansk dishes include place setting pieces from the following china patterns: Mesa, Belles Fleurs and Bistro. Each of these discontinued patterns contained a number of color-based and thematic selections.

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What Are Some Discontinued Dansk Dishes?
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Mesa dishes featured a classic Southwestern design around the rim and were produced in the following colors: black, blue, terracotta, turquoise and white sand. The first of the series to be introduced and the longest to be manufactured, Mesa white sand was sold from 1986 to 1996. All other variations were introduced in 1990. Mesa black and terracotta were discontinued in 1991, turquoise in 1992 and blue in 1994.

Belles Fleurs dishes, featuring flowers and stems along the borders, were manufactured in versions of blue, gray and taupe. The blue pattern was manufactured from 1986 to 1994. Featuring peach and blue flowers with taupe stems, the taupe selection was sold from 1981 to 1985. Peach and mauve flowers and gray stems decorated the gray pattern, which was produced from 1986 to 1992.

The Bistro pattern was sold in the following thematic variations: cafe, Christmas, holly and kids. The blue-and-white-patterned cafe version was sold from 2003 to 2006. The first holiday version, holly, was sold from 1995 to 1996, while Christmas was produced from 2003 to 2004. Bistro for kids was manufactured from 1986 to 1992.

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