How Do You Find Discontinued Bathroom Tiles?


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Find discontinued bathroom tiles by contacting the manufacturer to see if it has any remaining inventory of the tile and to find the location of its nearest distributors, as local retailers may still carry some stock of the tile. You may also contact local bathroom remodeling companies to inquire about leftover tiles as well as search on auction sites and classifieds sites.

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Begin by contacting the bathroom tile manufacturer and requesting to speak with a member of the inventory management department so that you may find out if any of its facilities still have the discontinued tiles. This may take some time, depending on the size of the company and the number of warehouses it maintains. If the company does not have the tiles or is not willing to sell them directly to you, find out the location of its retail partners and contact them. These stores may still have the tiles in stock though the quantity may not be enough to complete the job.

Some local contractors and construction companies who deal with those stores may also have a supply of the tiles left over from a previous job. Another option is to search on an auction site for the exact tile name. This process may involve paying for shipping, depending on the seller and his location. You can also post a want ad on a local classifieds site as well as check its sale section for anyone listing the tiles.

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