How Do You Disassemble a Maytag Dryer?


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To disassemble a Maytag dryer, unfasten the screws, disengage the front cover, detach the shroud and remove the blower. Proceed to dismantle the belt from the idler pulley, and separate the drum from the dryer.

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Turn off the power supply before disassembling a Maytag dryer, and use a volt-ohm meter to perform electrical checks before doing repairs. Unfasten the two screws located on the dryer’s bottom section. Tug the bottom area until the front cover is released. Disconnect the wires from the door switch, and place the front cover in a safe area. The door switch, heater, thermal fuses, operating thermostats and high-limit thermostat should be visible after removing the cover.

Remove the shroud by unfastening the screws that secure it to the cabinet, and detach the blower housing’s cover. Next, remove the clips on the motor shaft of the fan blower. Change the blower and blower wheel if necessary. After dismantling the belt from the idler pulley and removing the drum from the dryer, the rear rollers, rear seal, drum glides and front seal can be accessed and fixed.

To reach the timer section in old Maytag dryer models, unfasten the screws and raise the console back cover. For new models, remover the interior screws, and haul the top front console forward.

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