How Do You Disassemble IKEA Furniture?

disassemble-ikea-furniture Credit: Peter Cade/The Image Bank/Getty Images

In order to disassemble IKEA furniture, either find old instruction manuals or download the manuals from the IKEA website, then follow the manuals in reverse order, removing all screws and parts in the opposite order that they were initially installed. It is important to keep track of all the parts of the furniture, and possibly relabel the furniture and hardware for future reassembly.

When disassembling IKEA furniture, it is safest to have another person there to hold the pieces as screws get taken out. IKEA furniture is only structurally sound when all of the pieces are together, which means it could break or fall apart as pieces are taken away. Use the following steps to take apart IKEA furniture.

  1. Locate old manuals or download the PDFs from the IKEA website
  2. IKEA keeps a database of all of their instruction manuals online for free download.

  3. Gather all of the necessary tools
  4. Find all of the tools that were used to assemble the furniture, as they will be needed for disassembly as well.

  5. Remove pieces and screws in reverse order
  6. Remove all of the screws and pieces from the furniture in the reverse order that they were first installed.

  7. Carefully organize and label pieces as they are removed
  8. To aid with reassembly, put all screws and small like-pieces together in labeled buckets or plastic bags. Re-label each piece if the original label stickers have fallen off.