What Are Disappearing Screens?

Disappearing, or retractable screens, are screen doors that roll up out of sight when not in use. They allow homeowners to circulate outdoor air in their homes by opening their doors with the option to retract the screens when they are not in use.

Retractable screen doors work with patio sliding doors and doors that swing open and closed. They are available in standard and custom sizes. Some brands are designed with color variation in the screen pattern because the fine mesh can be difficult to see in certain lighting conditions.

Homeowners choose retractable screen doors when they don't like the look or operation of traditional screen doors on their sliding glass doors. Others install them over wooden doors or French doors to open on mild days. Others don't like the screen obstructing the view of their back yards or the surrounding scenery.

Several brands of retractable screen doors provide a variety of colors to match the existing door's trim. When installed, the retractable screen looks like part of the door frame.

To use most retractable screen doors, simply pull the handle. The door usually closes by sliding the handle back. Most retractable screen door brands say that installation takes about 30 minutes.