Which Direction Should the Head of My Bed Face?

direction-should-head-bed-face Credit: The International Photo Co./Stone/Getty Images

According to HGTV, placing a bed on the wall opposite the bedroom door is ideal, with the head against a solid wall. Fung Shui principles state that placing the head of the bed in this way allows for more comfortable sleep because the position feels secure.

Assessing the available space in the bedroom can determine the placement of the bed. A larger bed may need to be located in the corner of the room to ensure there is enough space for other furnishings. The available space should be measured in order to choose the appropriate bed size for the room. If there are windows on all sides of the room, a large wooden headboard can help block out noise and light from outside that may interrupt sleep. Considerations when deciding where to place the bed and other furnishings include home decor themes, personal comfort and the amount of space available.