What Are Some of the Dinnerware Collections That Joshua Maxwell Offers?

What Are Some of the Dinnerware Collections That Joshua Maxwell Offers?

Blissful, Cashmere, HRP Hampton Court, HRP Kensington Palace and Oriental Blossom are some of the dinnerware collections from Joshua Maxwell. Other options include Print Indigo, Star Bright, Toledo and Colour Basics.

As of 2015, Maxwell and Williams has two dinnerware sets in the Blissful collection. Both offer 16 pieces, which include four dinner plates, four side plates, four soup bowls and four cups. Both sets, called Ocean and Sky, are white-based with blue trim, though their patterns differ.

The Cashmere collection has 24 dinner sets. Most of the sets are 16 pieces, though some come in 20-piece sets that include saucers for the cups. Cashmere also features 12-piece and 18-piece sets. Most of the sets are all-white or white-based with some patterning. Cashmere Enchante sets have more colorful foundations and feature gold rims.

Colour Basics collections come in six colors and consist of either 16 or 18 pieces. The Oriental Blossom collection has square plates and bowls with an Oriental flower design.

HRP Hampton Court and HRP Kensington Palace come with only one setting, which is for high tea. Each has five pieces featuring delicate designs typical of the royal palaces of their namesakes.

Print Indigo, Star Bright and Toledo are basic sets with bold patterns. The Print Indigo set has polka dots and stripes, while the Toledo set has only stripes. Star Bright features a red rim.