What Are the Dimensions for a Standard Queen-Size Pillow?


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The dimensions of a queen-size pillow are 20 inches wide by 30 inches tall. Standard-size pillowcases are used to cover them, because queen-size pillow cases are not available.

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Pillows come with many types of filling, including natural, synthetic and hypoallergenic materials. Natural fillings usually consist of down feathers from either geese or ducks, and are considered a premium style. However, some people have allergic reactions to them, so manufacturers also produce pillows out of synthetic materials designed to mimic the comfort and warmth of down.

Synthetic fillers are generally polyester, the least expensive. They are also hypoallergenic, but they don't conform to the head and neck as well. Memory foam pillows are made of dense, spongelike material that conforms to body contours.

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