What Are the Dimensions of a Counter-Depth Refrigerator?

A counter-depth refrigerator is advertised at 28.5 inches deep. Space lost from reduced depth is often made up by increasing the width or height of the refrigerator, which can vary by several inches. Typical counter-depth refrigerator width is 35.75 inches, while typical height is 69.63 inches.

A counter-depth refrigerator stands out from the cabinets a few inches because it cannot be installed flush with the wall. The doors and handles add inches to the depth, making actual depth 30.125 inches.

The depth of kitchen cabinets can vary, though 25 inches is the average depth. This measurement is taken from the wall to the front of the cabinet. When calculating space required for a refrigerator, in addition to depth, the swing of the door should be taken into consideration.