How Do You Dig a Pond?


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To dig a pond, map out the shape of the area, and use an excavator to dig the hole. You need marker flags and sealants to complete this project. Rent an excavator from a nearby construction site.

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  1. Draw the pond

    Design the pond on paper before digging, and draw out such elements as the size and shape.

  2. Mark the area

    Choose a location that stores heavy water without digging up large amounts of earth. Pick a spot that has a nearby well or river stream that can fill up the pond. Use flag markers to identify the outline where digging is necessary.

  3. Choose the excavator

    Use a compact excavator for small ponds and standard ones for larger areas. Check the size of the excavator bucket to ensure that the size accommodates enough dirt to get the job done faster.

  4. Choose the dump location

    Make sure the dump site is far enough away to prevent excess dirt from refilling the hole.

  5. Dig the hole

    Dig the pond by starting at the edge of the marker and working your way back to the middle. Leave enough space to allow the extractor to move out of tight areas. Increase the pond's holding potential with clay blankets, sealers or dispersant chemicals that contain soda ash and salt.

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